Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Rundown

Well how do I start?

Hi, I'm Miss. Invincible but just call me Blue Gurl... I'm 18 living with a single parent, its been pwetty hard cause in earlier years M would yell at me about being just like my Dad. Some pretty hard words for a 15yr old... I developed hate for my D, hate for my Mom. Hate for the family, hate for the entire blinking world. D was an alcoholic, and when he left I had no one to lean on, my mom poked at my skin, hurting me internally, but I never revealed the true illusion. I eventually started to occasionally drink, I was inspired by the emo life, I was thrilled by the whole feeling of cutting away the pain. lol i was pretty evil back then, you cleanse yourself of the past but the past never fully leaves your body. Life has been way harder than it looks, no one has ever tried to look past my "PERFECTED ILLUSION". Little do they know how vulnerable, angry, compassionate, aggressive, honest, humble, and intense I really am.. I grew up on my own in a house of four, neither did they see the pain within nor did they see the scars... my sibling knows the basics but little does he/she know how jealous I was of the loving relationship he/she and M had.. I've changed but sometimes I see the old me trying to raise to the surface... thats when I call to the Father and beg for his help...

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