Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weary Body, Lazy mind

Sigh.. Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself what you should or can be?
I've been having those thoughts and I'm wondering Can I do this? I feel lost and I see it impossible to explain myself. What do I do? Who do I call?
I'm at A major cross road in my life and I need God now more than ever, and I realize he can help me but I can't just sit and wait for him to start working. God helps those who helps themselves so... I assume I need to make the first step. I know I can do it, my mind has the ability to conquer but my body is weary. My body seems to be floating thus making my mind lazy and tired. School hasn't been looking up much and I can't blame anyone but myself. I need to get it together, I say I'll do it then, I say I'll do it now but I keep procrastinating grrrrrr...
I don't want to be a failure, even the thought brings pain and sorrow. I'm trying to looking ahead and face the rain, wind and storm but lord what's wrong with me? what happened? Show me some signs revitalize my mind. Restore wisdom,determination and consistency. Please God help me
 Lord what do I do??

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Impatient Virgins

It's absolutely amazing the things teenagers speak about when they come together. I had the greatest opportunity today in sitting with two adolescent girls and just to listen to them talk. It wasn't surprising that one of their topics was about sex. " I almost lost my virginity last year but my boyfriend said no" one girl said. She said she was so mad because he didn't wait for his other girls. : O
Its ridiculous how girls/women sometimes don't know what they want. When the guy pressures them to be intimate they get scared and argue about thats all men want. But when it does come a time when one guy, one guy doesn't want that type of relationship some girls get mad. I think thats just to prove that you are worth more than just a hit and run. Apparently that chica didn't think of it that way.

God tells us that our body is his temple so, " Why wouldn't we want to take care of it?". I'm going to be real with you, we are all human, we have needs, wants, emotions and desires. BUT control is key. He also tells us fornication is a sin, sex will never run away its always gonna be there. Every teen wonders about it but one should never wonder that much to where it becomes an obsession. As I got older and evolved more in Christ sex never had much importance in my mind. Its like a mere old toy tossed away in a old box somewhere. I'm willing to wait, its not a crime to be a lady V. Some think of it as a rite of passage, "I'm going to do it on my 18th birthday" another girl said. Shot! I'm flipping 18 going 19 and I'm still waiting. 

What's the big deal?
Impatient Virgins, Sex can wait. When it all wines down when a guy does decide to settle down he probably wont be looking for a girl who he and his friends had a good time with. He'll be looking for a nice lady to take home to Mama. 
Lets be real. Do you argue or disagree?