Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nervous? Nah not so much

I've always had a problem with speaking in front of people especially those I'm not acquainted with. Whether it's a speech, reading some notes, quoting a poem, I would shake like a leaf and get sweaty palms. 
Nobody likes that eh? Ha

My heart would beat extra fast, and I would only end up chewing up my words instead of saying them. Tears now almost flooding my eyes, YES, it was that bad. I hated group presentations and anything whatsoever that required me to put myself in front of people.

Ha I even cried( well sniff" more like bawled) when I read the Bible for the first time at church. I see you laughing at me yah yeah hmm @_@


Surprisingly, I had a presentation for my Sociology class today and jumped right off my chair cause man was I "ready". I started getting a bit nervous when I saw a few people yawning and stumbled over only one word (happy dance) and just made a silly face at myself. The class busted into laughter, you should have seen my face. You think the Grinch's smile was huge ahh you didn't see how big my heart smiled earlier today.

My classmate said she was so proud of me. She said, "You've improved."

I've been yearning for confidence these days, and I realize that the smaller things got to be fixed first.

Confidence doesn't grow over night, you gots to water that baby.

I know my prayers will be answered though, not when I want it but..

when, the time is right.

God Bless you

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